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Learning allomorphy-based grammars

Collaborators: Diana Archangeli and Douglas Pulleyblank

We are developing an implementation of the allomorphy-based morpho-phonological grammar model of Archangeli & Pulleyblank, as well as an algorithm for learning these grammars. This model is particularly amenable to representing "agglutinating" inflectional systems in a which a single word can contain numerous component morphemes. To the end of developing a learning algorithm for allomorphy-based grammars, we also propose an information-theoretic learnability criterion to be used as part of an objective function.

My contributions: algorithm design, corpus creation, all coding (Python)

Papers and presentations

Allen, Blake, Archangeli, Diana, and Pulleyblank, Douglas (2014). Assessing an allomorphy-based account of Japanese verb morphology. In The Simplicity of Grammar, eds. Denis Bouchard, Luc Baronian, and Jaïmé Dubé. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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